Our Advantage
  • RELIABLE: One of the oldest and largest vertically oriented charcoal producers globally with almost 50 yrs. experience producing over 2,000,000lbs/month
  • GREEN: Utilizes 98% of the tree during manufacturing, with strict forest management guidelines on company owned timberland
  • CENTER-CUTS”: 100% premium hardwood using only the best part of the tree, not a by-product
  • CARBONIZATION: Average of 94% carbonization vs. traditional lump that averages less than half. CharWood will out perform competition in burn time, be more consistent in temperature during grilling, and minimize ash, smoke and sparks, all key quality indicators
  • REUSABLE: High carbon content allows CharWood to react quickly to airflow and will be deactivated within 60 minutes of shutdown – allowing you to preserve it for up to 5 total grillings
  • RECYCLABLE ASH: Unlike other charcoal that must be placed in the trash following use, CharWood’s remaining ash takes the form of BioChar, which has numerous advantages for your garden when recycled.
  • CONSUMER FRIENDLY PACKAGING: Utilizes industrial weight boxes to protect against crushing, inner bags to lock out moisture and introduces Black Diamond’s exclusive “Pour-Guard” top for ease of grilling
Your charcoal options
Briquet charcoal
  • Ground wood scrap including bark, twigs, and leaves
  • Hardwoods or softwoods
  • Anthracite coal
  • Binding agents – Starch paste
  • Accelerant – Nitrate
  • Lime – artificial whitening agent
  • Give off artificial chemical smell when lit
  • Large amount of ash remaining requires additional cleanup effort
  • Less than 50% charcoal per pound compared with lump charcoal
Traditional lump
  • Rely heavily on outside suppliers for feedstock
  • Mix of hardwood species
  • Most are not kiln dried allowing heavier moisture content
  • Slabs, or outside trim from the tree which includes softer sapwood
  • Remanufactured waste from factories
  • Includes limbs
  • Includes bark
  • Create significant sparks and ash which spread around grilling area
  • Includes stones
Black Diamond CharWood
  • Regulated according to A-1 government standards to assure consistency
  • Single species Hardwood only from company managed forest utilizing GREEN principles
  • Utilizes only premium “center-cut” from each log
  • All “Center-cuts” kiln dried to minimize moisture
  • No bark, No limbs
  • No stones or other debris
  • No scrap or other re-manufactured wood waste
  • No chemicals, No additives
  • Organically processed
Know what you are cooking with
Briquet raw material
Truck And Sawdust
Traditional lump raw material
Black Diamond raw materials
What are you left with
Briquet ash
Briquet Ash_1
Traditional lump ash
ASH_Traditional Lump
Black Diamond ash