Frequently Asked Questions

Why is over 50 years of historic production important to me?

5 plus decades of experience mean that we have worked hard to perfect our charcoal. This is not a new invention but an evolution of improvements aimed at maximizing the grilling experience for the consumer

What is CharWood made from?

100% Premium White Birch Hardwood is used exclusively in our manufacturing process due to it’s natural characteristics that enhance CharWood’s ability to perform during grilling.

  • To start, we utilize only the best part of the log, “Center-Cuts” – no limbs, branches, or remanufactured waste is used
  • While most traditional lump manufacturers use the bark to make their charcoal, the thin layer of our trees bark, is removed during the mfg. process
  • European Birch is harder than domestic Red Oak which adds to CharWood’s performance
  • To maintain a “campfire” like smell when burning, we are careful not to introduce any non-organic products into the mfg process, rather rely on the Birch’s natural mild aroma

How does Black Diamond support GREEN initiatives?

It starts right from the beginning as Black Diamond maintains it’s own internal forestry crews that manage its forest lands according to FSC guidelines. Trees are selectively cut to thin the forest in an effort to prevent forest fires caused by overcrowded conditions. Trees are then replanted in less crowded areas. The largest portions of the logs are then utilized to produce wood products in our internal factories while the parts to small will be utilized in the charcoal factory rather than creating waste. According to company policies, all forest must be properly cleaned and replanted, while our target of less than 2% waste from each tree maintained

Are traditional lump manufactures regulated?

No. To this point, those that supply the N. American market are not required by formal regulations to maintain any form of quality standards. Carbonization, dimension, etc. can vary greatly from bag to bag where as CharWood is required to meet or exceed GOST regulations

What are GOST regulations?

GOST, short for Government Standards are international regulations that assure quality in each box of CharWood. By achieving A-1 rating, the highest level possible, Black Diamond users, for the first time, can grill with confidence knowing how their CharWood will perform from box to box.


How consistent is the charcoal?

Because we start with center-cut logs at the beginning and not scrap wood, we can closely manage the production process from start to finish. This allows us to provide you a product that is regulated to be consistent in carbonization, size, moisture content, and remaining ash after use.

What are the advantages of high carbonization?

Simply put, the higher the carbonization the better the performance.  With an average of 94%, CharWood is ½ the weight and twice the level of carbon most other brands provide. This leads directly to longer burn times and more consistent temperature during grilling.

Why is CharWood sold in CuFt not in pounds?

When was the last time you saw someone use a weight scale to measure out the amount of charcoal to use per grilling? Even newcomers realize very quickly the proper amount of charcoal to use is based on volume – not weight. Purchasing in CuFt allows you to more accurately compare your true Cost-per-Grilling, not price per pound.

Why is CharWood half the weight of traditional charcoal?

Much like a carbon fiber poles that are lighter, stronger and more efficient than competitions products, the same is true here. CharWood is on average 94% carbonized helping it out perform the others. Moisture is removed and the woods fibers, through extreme heat over an extended amount of time, are fully carbonized so the consumer will receive almost 100% pure organic, natural wood carbon to maximize their grilling experience.

Does CharWood really eliminate smoke and sparks?

CharWood will all but eliminate smoke and sparks caused directly from the charcoal prior to grilling. Since our wood is all kiln dried we have removed the major contributing factors to these harmful side effects. In addition, our high levels of carbonization leave fewer impurities in the charcoal that result in both smoke and sparks.

Can you really reuse your charcoals?

Yes, you may reuse our product up to five times. When you finish grilling simply close your grill lid, close all vents, and let CharWood deactivate. When you’re ready to cook again, just use our recommended starter (or similar) and you are ready to cook again in minutes.

How can CharWood ash be recycled when others ash should be disposed of in the garbage?

Because you are starting with almost pure carbon, the small amount of ash left over after grilling is actually a form of BioChar that can be recycled. By adding it to your garden it will act as a soil additive with many long term benefits for your plants.

Why do you put CharWood in Industrial strength boxes with inner "Moisture lock" bags?

It’s all about insuring product quality and value beyond your purchase. Heavy-duty boxes protect the charcoal during transportation while providing you a built-in CharWood caddy. The interior “Moisture-Lock” bags lock out moisture. Moisture in your CharWood will reduce its potential value. Keep your CharWood stored in a dry place, utilize the moisture lock bag, and you will enjoy the maximum benefits of CharWood as carefully produced for you.
For best results, use CharWood