Environmental Principles
Black Diamond CharWood cycle:
  • Adheres to FSC (Forestry Stewardship Council) guidelines
  • Selective cutting and replanting
  • Organically produced from center-cut hardwood that would otherwise go unused
  • Full utilization of tree with less than 2% waste
  • Remaining 3% ash can be recycled to complete the evolution and add benefits to your soil
Our mission at Black Diamond is also our responsibility – to always focus on our GREENinitiatives:
Globally Responsibility to the Environment, Energy, and Neighbors worldwide
The production of CharWood starts by allowing our foresters to carefully select each tree in accordance with strict guidelines aimed at improving the overall health of the forest, reducing the possibilities of fires, and improve atmospheric conditions. We then process the logs utilizing over 98% of the tree for energy, charcoal, and lumber for our internal wood processing factories.
CharWood is slowly manufactured to remove moisture while carbonizing the wood fibers to produce the lightest and most efficient organic charcoal available. While the benefits to the consumer in using CharWood for grilling are numerous, the benefits to nature through the recycling of Black Diamonds BioChar ash are without end. Unlike ash generated from briquets, CharWoods ash can be recycled into garden soil and provide benefits for generations to come.