Dedicated to Quality
Committed to producing the highest value charcoal on the market from it’s beginning, Black Diamond has continued to invest heavily in its forestland and manufacturing technology since 1956. Our objectives have always been centered on two areas – Quality & Value. First, our focus is to provide organically produced charcoal that consistently outperforms the competition while enhancing our customers grilling experience.
Secondly, CharWood’s Cost-per-Grilling should be equally to or less than competitive products. After over 20 years leading European markets, we are proud to be able to continue to meet our objectives, in both Quality & Value, by introducing CharWoodThe next generation in charcoal – to the N. American market.
Key features you will find in each box of CharWood that delivers on consumers demand above include:
bd_icon Produced according to FSC GREEN principles
bd_icon Regulated A-1 quality provides optimal size while assuring that you receive premium quality in each box
bd_icon CharWood will burn longer, minimize smoke-sparks-ash and provide consistent grilling temperatures for cooking
bd_icon Organically produced according to formal certifications
bd_icon High level of carbonization is not only lighter but cooks longer, hotter and more evenly
bd_icon Reusable up to 5 times
bd_icon Saves $100’s over your grilling season