Black Diamond CharWood
CharWood is certified organic hardwood lump charcoal
Available in 4 sizes

See below for equivalent volume of traditional lump and briquets per box size:

Fully carbonized CharWood is 2 to 3 times lighter than traditional lump charcoal or briquets. Since the amount of charcoal used to grill is measured out in volume, customers receive 2 to 3 times more CharWood per pound than the competition.


  • Universal – Enhances grilling in kettles, smokers, and Kamado grills
  • Premium – Use only 100% premium “Center-Cut” hardwoods
  • Regulated – Exceeds A-1 standards to ensure consistent quality in each box
  • Healthier – Reduced smoke
  • Safer – Minimal sparks
  • Reusable – Can be reused up to 5 times, lowering your Cost-per-Grilling
  • Recyclable – Remaining BioChar ash promotes healthier gardens
  • Cleaner – Boxed not bagged to start, with minimal ash cleanup at the end
  • Organic – No artificial additives from the forest to your grill
  • Green – Environmentally responsible
  • Better Grilling – Uniform size and quality provides uniform grilling temperature


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Up to 65% lighter
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To address consumers concerns about charcoal bags inability to keep charcoals from crushing during transit, while tearing and leaving black dust in cars, clothes and homes, Black Diamond engineered it’s CharWood-Caddy boxes complete with inner moisture lock bag. With it’s industrial strength outer layer, CharWood’s caddy can easily be picked up, transported and stored, even in areas reserved for “cleaner” products without concern. To open, simply press on tab and lift up allowing box to open along perforations. Reach in, open the bag and pour out desired amount for your grilling. After pour is complete, twist bag and push inside box to seal and protect from moisture until your next grilling.

Start Up

  • No lighter fluid needed.
  • For maximum grilling results, add appropriate amount of CharWood based on grill size and desired cooking temperature / estimated time to grill. Remaining CharWood after grilling can be reused by closing off air vents but insufficient volume of CharWood to start with, like all charcoal, will result in lower temperatures and shorter grilling times
  • For best results, start your fire 10-15 minutes before cooking and open all grill vents.

Chimney Starter  When using a chimney starter place quality starters (we recommend all natural BDStarter) underneath the chimney. Place chimney on a flat, solid surface and light your starter. After 10-15 minutes, depending on conditions, pour and spread-out evenly in your grill and you will be ready to cook.

Mound System  To start, pour CharWood onto your grill and mound so as to maximize airflow. While mounding, place all natural BDStarter in the middle and finish mounding. Light starters and wait until your CharWood is uniformly activated and hot enough to start grilling.

Grilling Tips

Grilling starts with the understanding that charcoal grilling is fun and meant to be enjoyed. The sounds, aroma, and taste all create lasting memories that CharWood will only enhance. From steaks to hot dogs, whole turkeys to brisket, cooking on real charcoal is the answer.

Based on preference and food choice, grilling can be divided into 3 methods

Direct Grilling

Involves cooking directly over the charcoal fire with the lid open or closed depending on desired temperature

Indirect Grilling

Uses the heat from the fire but cooking is done with food not directly over the flames. As with oven baking, the grills radiant heat cooks the food in a slower, more even process


With larger or tougher meats, cooking slower, with lower heat will increase tenderness and flavor.


Due to full carbonization (C-94), CharWood will respond quickly to airflow allowing you to accurately control grilling temperature. After grilling is finished, close all vents and CharWood will be cool to the touch in less than 1 hr and ready to preserve for up to 5 future grillings.

Clean up

Black Diamond carbonized ash is organic in nature and therefore 100% recyclable. It can be added to outdoor gardens to help enhance nutrient cycling and water retention while acting like a liming agent.


NEVER barbecue indoors. Odorless carbon monoxide can accumulate and become fatal. Use only outdoor in a well-ventilated area.  

After cooking, MAKE SURE ashes are completely cool before discarding.
NEVER use gasoline to light charcoal.
DO NOT add lighter fluid or any accelerant after starting a fire.
MAKE SURE grill is on a flat, level surface and a safe distance away from any flammable items.
Store your Black Diamond CharWood in a cool, dry area away from open flames.