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Fire Starters


All-in-One CharWood bag

Hand made hardwood shavings, coated in all natural paraffin, provide protection against extreme moisture while easily lighting to activate your CharWood every time.
  • woodenrollsoncharwoodBeautiful all natural starters that will not affect your food’s taste and require no lighter fluid to start your grilling
  • Unique manufacturing process allows our starters to go from total water emersion to lighting your charcoal with only a squeeze
  • Uniform sizes with natural shaped edges easily light even in windy conditions
  • Will not leave a residue on your grill or ashes floating down on your food – safe for both your grill and food
  • Available in boxes of 3 and 32.
When convenience, easy of startup, and minimal mess are your priorities, Black Diamond QuickLite bag provides a solution. Premium CharWood, mixed with our handmade hardwood starters, ensures you have an all-natural grilling taste to your food.
  • Single use bag with enough CharWood to grill almost any meal
  • No pre-soaked briquets, only all-natural lump charcoal, mixed with our hardwood starters for clean cooking
  • No lighter fluid required
  • Smoke and sparks all but eliminated during start-up due to CharWood’s high level of carbonization
  • Clean and simple to use – light the bag and within minutes you will be grilling. Afterwards, minimal ash makes clean up easy