About us

In the mid 1950’s, Black Diamond’s mill was built to provide a continuous log supply for it’s secondary wood processing factories. To support our high demand for the lower section of a tree, it was decided to purchase large tracts of forestland, hire professional foresters, logging crews, and begin managing our land within strict regulated environmental guidelines. This resulted in an ongoing supply of premium Hardwood logs and reforestation practices that ensure the forest will be in better condition for future generations.

But now the mill owners had another challenge – what to do with the upper section of the log that remained. Committed to achieving less than 2% waste of inbound wood fiber, millions more were invested to add a state-of-the-art charcoal factory.  Its mission was to produce a premium organic charcoal that exceeded the highest level of regulated standards. Today, after over 20 years of experience in leading international markets, Black Diamond’s N. American customers can now enjoy CharWoodThe next generation in charcoal.
Environmentally sound

Black Diamond company owned forests are managed under strict FSC regulations and GREEN guidelines

Fresh raw material 

100% premium Hardwoods utilizing only “Center-Cuts” without limbs, bark, or wood waste

Regulated organic manufacturing process

Decades of experience and investments to produce a premium charcoal with consistency box to box

100% Chef quality CharWood

Pure natural carbon leads to a truly enjoyable grilling experience while reducing your Cost-per-Grilling

Black Diamond packaging

Boxed to protect the product all the way to your grill while keeping you and your surroundings clean

Safe for family, friends and the environment

CharWood minimizes hazardous smoke and sparks during start up.