Introducing the next generation of premium hardwood lump charcoal
Combines the consistency of Briquets with the natural, organic advantages of Lump Charcoal.
Independent test experts say it earns A-1 rating – the highest quality possible, European markets consider it superior in comparison,  we simply say, “it is best in your grill”. Black Diamond CharWood, organically crafted for your enhanced grilling experience.

ReusableSave $100’s without sacrificing quality by reusing your CharWood up to 5 times

Organic CharcoalFirst truly organic charcoal provides you assurance no additives will be transferred to your families food

Regulated QualityCharWood uses only 100% kiln dried, “Center-Cut” hardwoods without limbs, bark or remanufactured waste, and processed under the highest level of regulated standards.

Uniform SizesCharWood’s uniformity eliminates the wide range in traditional lump dimensions that lead to uneven grilling

Grill SafetyWhether grilling in a kettle, smoker, or Kamado, harmful smoke and sparks are all but eliminated during startup

Recyclable AshFollowing grilling, the minimal ash remaining takes the form of BioChar, which adds to the overall health of garden plants.

Certified organic charcoal

Uniform CharWood advantage

Black Diamond CharWood™, is the next generation in lump charcoal, combining the consistency of briquets with the natural, organic advantages of lump charcoal. Made from pure organic hardwood, and utilizing our exclusive carbonization process, Black Diamond CharWood burns hotter, longer, and produces far less smoke, spark and ash than both briquets and traditional lump charcoals. Black Diamonds proprietary C-94 manufacturing process provides a natural, uniform briquette size charcoal that yields consistent temperature and even distribution of heat to maximize your grilling experience.

We use only premium “Center-Cut” Hardwoods, unlike other manufacturers who use bark, slabs, limbs, and re-manufactured waste, which result in inferior charcoal. Our unique manufacturing process manages each step from our forest management guidelines. Black Diamond separates itself from other charcoal producers by adhering to the highest level of strict GOST quality standards, ensuring that you’ll get uniform “Master Chef’s Quality” charcoal in every box.